Author: Georgia Garrett

Why do women carry their smartphones differently than men?

It hasn’t gone unnoticed to many of our readers: smartphones are getting bigger and bigger these days. In less than six years, the size of Apple phones has increased from 12 cm (iPhone 5S) to 15 cm (iPhone XS). However, not everyone understands the volume of these recent phones in the same way. During a conversation, we realized that a gap was crossing the editorial office. On the one hand, the men who manage to put their smartphones in their jeans pockets calmly. On the other hand, women cannot carry a smartphone in their pants pockets. How can such...

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More and more women in new technology professions

The sector of new technologies and digital professions are no longer the only domain of men. However, while an increasing number of women are taking an interest in these new professions that are emerging in most companies, it must be noted that there is still room for improvement. More is needed The Ada WEEK, a week of forums held in Paris in October 2015, provided an opportunity to situate the place of women in the field of engineering, science, and technology. Inspired by the name of the English Countess Ada Lovelace, who was nevertheless the first person to code in...

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Google unveils its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation

If the goal of the GDPR is to protect the privacy of individuals, companies like Google can easily turn compliance into a competitive advantage. It is true that the European Union has been trying for several years to fight against the arbitrariness of GAFA companies that develop their activity against the privacy of individuals. Indeed, the EU has addressed the regulation of the processing of personal data by strengthening the responsibility of entities and companies. What remains to be seen, in view of the application of the new European data protection regulation, is to what extent web companies will...

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How to Ensure the Person that Is Sexually Harassing You in Your Workplace Is Convicted

Sexual harassment is common harassment many employees have fallen victim. While most victims are often women, men too are sometimes harassed. This indecent harassment includes; requests for sexual favors, physical acts of sexual assault, unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome physical contact, verbal harassment of a sexual nature and making conditions of employment dependent on sexual favors. Another form of harassment apart from these is the use of sexual images or sexual information to extort sexual favors from the victim. Sexual harassment is a serious offense punishable by law. Your attorney can sue the culprit on your behalf and have them...

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Does a woman have to behave like a man to succeed?

Here is a rather friendly piece of advice that will give you some practical ideas to reconcile leisure and professional life. But everything must work as planned. The BBC’s Eileen Carey story, revealed by the BBC, has recently made a buzz. The head of a Silicon Valley company described how she decided to switch from blond to brown to be considered any of her male counterparts. Other women before her have tried experiments to denounce sexism in the professional sphere. Even implicitly, he’s still there. Discover some of their experiences. They created a fake male associate to get more...

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