Author: Georgia Garrett

Women Entrepreneurs Can Now Emigrate to Thailand With the New Thai Privilege Visa

As dawn breaks over the business horizon, a new path has emerged for you, the women entrepreneurs seeking fertile ground for growth: the Thai Privilege Visa. With Thailand’s recent unveiling of this opportunity, you’re now positioned to plant your entrepreneurial seeds in a diverse and dynamic economy. The visa represents not only a chance to expand your business but also to immerse yourself in a rich cultural tapestry. You’ll find the eligibility criteria are crafted with you in mind, offering a gateway to benefits that could give your ventures the sunlight they need to flourish. However, before you pack...

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Shattering Glass Ceilings in Crypto: How Women are Seizing Opportunity

As we celebrated International Women’s Day this year, it’s time to smash some preconceived notions, particularly the one that suggests the world of cryptocurrencies is a man’s game. Forget the stereotype that paints women as risk-averse and wary of financial adventures. New data indicates that not only are women diving into the crypto pool, but they’re doing it with style, strategy, and significant impact. Let’s unpack this invigorating trend. A Quick Snapshot: The Numbers Speak Gone are the days when the crypto-investing landscape was overwhelmingly male. A 2022 report from Triple A reveals a noteworthy shift. Compared to 2021,...

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