Sexual harassment is common harassment many employees have fallen victim. While most victims are often women, men too are sometimes harassed.

This indecent harassment includes;

  • requests for sexual favors,
  • physical acts of sexual assault,
  • unwelcome sexual advances,
  • unwelcome physical contact,
  • verbal harassment of a sexual nature and
  • making conditions of employment dependent on sexual favors.

Another form of harassment apart from these is the use of sexual images or sexual information to extort sexual favors from the victim.

Sexual harassment is a serious offense punishable by law. Your attorney can sue the culprit on your behalf and have them convicted. However, to ensure they are fined or jailed, your attorney needs to present the case effectively. Gathering as much evidence as possible will enable them to present the case effectively in court and ensure that the harasser is convicted. Here is how to prepare a strong and solid sexual harassment case;

1. Record as Many Details as You Can of Each Harassment

vskljgfosbfoeoueSexual harassment in the workplace is usually an ongoing activity. The victim is often harassed continuously by the culprit who hopes that they will eventually give in. Don’t give in to this kind of disrespectful behavior, even if your job is at stake because the law is there to protect you.

Start preparing evidence so that when you go to court, you are sure this person is going to be convicted.
Record as many details as possible of each harassment. For instance, if you are touched inappropriately by the harasser, record the date and time that they did that along with as many other details as you can about that harassment.

After that, report that person to your boss even if you have done so several times before with no action taken. Be sure to secretly record that conversation so that when the culprit denies the claims and the details about them in court, you can use the audios to corroborate your story.

2. Find Other Victims and Witnesses

The chances are that this sexual bully is harassing others just like he is bothering you. So finding other victims in the organization shouldn’t be hard. When you see 2 or 3 individuals, inform them of your intention to take this person to court. Trust me; you will be amazed at how willing they are to be your witnesses. You might also find that some of them have sued this person in the past and this could strengthen your case even more. Record the testimonies of your witnesses both in writing and in audio. It will help support your claim in court.


These are the preliminary steps to take before allowing your attorney to go to court on your behalf for workplace sexual harassment. Once you record all the details of several harassment incidents that have happened to you and secured some witnesses, it is time to hand over the process to your attorney. When your attorney goes to court armed with these pieces of evidence alongside the witnesses, trust me, your harasser is going to be convicted.