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The world of technology and women

The world of technology is the future, with growing growth and ever more sophisticated innovations. Women, however, are contributing to this digital transformation and find it difficult to find their place in society. Indeed, in the collective unconscious, the fields of computer science and technology have for a long time implicitly addressed the male gentleman.

When we think of tech industry, we most often think of masculine names like Bill Gates, Larry Page or Peter Thiel. But where are the women in all this? If we don’t talk enough about women in the tech entrepreneurship world, it doesn’t mean that they don’t participate, especially since they are actively involved in the advancement of this industry. Today we wish to highlight the beautiful sex!



If we are in a world marked by masculinity, the feminine dimension is undoubtedly a part of this ecosystem. They may be considered differently, but women move the Tech ecosystem: they are not cold eyes and do not give up.

Among the eight largest technology companies, namely Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo, the number of women grew faster than men by 238%!


By offering a broad range of content available from industry insights, tutorials, product reviews and more we want to make sure ladies won’t miss a thing on all these innovations!