What do girls think of scientific studies? What is the place of women engineers in Europe? What is their daily life, their vision of the profession in the industrial, technological and digital sectors? Investigation.

Here are the results of a survey entitled “Women, Industry, Technology, and Innovation.” This survey was conducted by us and carried out among 1,000 women engineers, 500 students in science and technology and 500 high school students.

This study focuses in particular on the choices of orientation towards scientific and technological fields, the engineering profession, the place of women in the industrial and digital sectors.

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What are the major findings of this survey?

1. Before the High School diploma, boys and girls are mainly interested in scientific professions
In middle school and high school, boys and girls alike declare that they are mostly ready to study science. However, 70% of students interested in science and technology occupations consider that they need more information on these occupations. Generally speaking, young people have a more accurate idea of what digital (65%) is than industry (55%).

2. High school and high school students’ favorite sectors are stereotyped

Girls are interested in professions in the medical and paramedical sector, luxury goods, and media. Boys are interested in aeronautics, space, automotive and robotics.

3. Companies don’t value women enough in their communication

The young interviewees attribute the lack of women in the industry to the lack of value placed on women’s role in corporate communication strategies. Reinforced communication and the promotion of female role models in the science and technology sector is therefore seen as a necessity.

4. Women of all ages suffer gender discrimination and ordinary sexism

boss womanThe trivialization of sexist remarks and behaviors are detrimental to women’s personal and professional development, which makes it more difficult for them to attain higher levels of education and responsibility. In the world of work, 6 out of 10 women would have been victims of discrimination.

5. 2/3 of girls think that they will one day be victims of discrimination at work

The majority of girls expect to be discriminated against in the workplace. After the fear of being paid less in equal positions comes the fear of getting into lower positions with equivalent degrees. Finally, fear of less respect than their male counterparts is also a concern for girls.

6. A minority of women engineers rely on their companies to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Women engineers see gender diversity as an asset to the industry, but do not trust companies to promote women as much as men.

7. Women engineers tend to self-censor themselves

80% of women engineers consider themselves capable of holding a responsible position, but half of them admit that they do not feel comfortable applying for a higher position.

8. The science sector is a promising sector

Numerical, energy, aeronautics and aerospace are widely cited as promising sectors of the economy, both by female students and women in office