Author: Georgia Garrett

Appliances that save you time on household chores

Cleaning floors and windows are the two most time-consuming tasks in a home and we all know how precious time can be in our busy lives and careers. One of the reasons for this is that these are the largest areas of a house. Today we will show you how to maximize cleaning efficiency at home so you can focus on yourself and your work as you want. What is part of the big cleaning? For heavy cleaning, a general rule applies: allow enough time and determine beforehand what to clean. By adopting a systematic approach, you will save...

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Women in the Industrial Sector

Who would imagine that the person responsible for the final assembly of Boeing… is a woman? Industrial professions are no longer reserved exclusively for men. Women first entered discreetly, often through the small door. Today, they have a career there. And even if they are still in the minority, they are less and less contested in their functions, because their skills are recognized in the same way as those of men. Industrial companies have recently begun to integrate women into top management. Of course, the majority of them are found in the support functions traditionally assigned to women in...

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Women, Learn How to Negotiate your Wage

Too many women do not dare to negotiate their hiring wages or hesitate to ask for an increase. In the metropolis of Detroit, a hundred employees experienced training sessions organized by the Detroit’s Business School. Very useful. Ladies, you have to dare! While one in two men negotiate their wages when they are hired, only one in eight women do so. Once they are in office, they are also reluctant to ask for an increase. This explains in part why women earn 17% less than their male colleagues in equivalent time and occupations. By changing their behaviour, women could...

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Women and the World of New Technologies

The world of technology is rapidly evolving with different people benefiting from these changes. Well, these people include the women in society. Unlike before where that all women could do was to take care of the home and their families, with new technologies at hand women can be able to take care of their families and thoroughly study for their dream careers. A lot of companies are employing women all around the globe while others become their bosses. The positive impact of technology on women. Employment opportunities. With time women have realized the need to study various path and...

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New technologies, creating new opportunities for women

As we speak of a fourth industrial revolution, we realize that it is more than ever necessary for women, especially Muslim women, to finally be able to take advantage of the opportunities associated with the consequences of the third industrial revolution. In countries in the Middle East, a majority of women are found in scientific fields. In Iran, for example, 80% of engineers are women. Experts estimate that there are even 35% of tech women entrepreneurs in this region. Pushing women towards new sectors Contrary to this finding, it is estimated that women account for 3 to 30% of...

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